Exhibition for Watercolor (Aquarelle)

mona 2015I started to paint when I was 9-10 years old. I have tried drawing, sketching and acrylicpainting.

In 2003 was the first time I tried to paint with watercolor/aquarelle.
I have had a lot of exhibition, together with friends or by my self.
Places: Gamla stan, Fruangen, Telefonplan, Midsommarkransen, Farsta.
At 2018 my helth stopped me from exibiting. I still paint as you can see at this website. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Previous Exhibitions:
In the newspaper "mitti". april 2016
Exhibition Konstrundan in Midsommarkransen.
16-17 april 2016
Exhibition at Konstrundan in Midsommarkransen.
21-22 november 2015
Exhibition Fruangens library. 2015
14 sept - 3 okt
kaja stol
Article Mitti Soderort. 2015
galleri riddaren
Gallery (Riddaren) Knight 30 maj - 5 juni 2015
Konstrundan 25-26 april 2015
Read about the exhibition in Mitti soderort or click at the picture.
Exhibition at Herrangens Gard
1 - 28 februari 2015
Opening saturday-sunday kl 10-16
butik xolance
Store Xolance, Oster Langgatan 18, Gamla stan
Saturday the november 29, 2014
Midsommarkransen, Konstrundan 22-23 nov, 2014
Article in lokal newspaper Mitt i soderort
New info of Exhibition in Mitti Soderort.
blau gungan

27 sept - 2 oktober Gallery Blue Swing (Blae Gungan), Gamla stan.
Exhibition at different places
Aquarelle 2007 - 2013, 2014 - 2016
At many Libraries
Yewelry, cards och photoalbum
1998 - 2010